Religious Institutions within the Parish

St. Cecilia's Abbey (Benedictine women)

These contemplative nuns moved to the abbey in Ampthill Road in 1922. As at Quarr, they follow the Rule of St. Benedict and sing the Mass and Offices of the day in the time - honoured Latin Plainchant. The nuns undertake art work, calligraphy and the production of altar bread. They have produced several recordings Gregorian chant which have sold worldwide. As at Quarr abbey lay people can support the nuns and follow the Benedictine Rule by becoming oblates. Last year the nuns celebrate the centenary of their abbey church and the 125th anniversary of their arrival on the Island.

Daily Mass is at 9:15am. Sundays and Holydays at 10:00am.
Vespers is at 4:45pm. Compline at 7:45pm.

Quarr Abbey (Benedictine men)

This (Solesmes congregation) Order settled initially in the south of the Island after being expelled from France. This year they celebrate the centenary of the opening of the abbey church near the site of the pre- Reformation Cistercian abbey. The monks follow the Rule of St. Benedict. The Mass and Offices of the day are sung (usually in Latin) using the traditional Gregorian Plainchant. Guided tours of the abbey can be arranged by appointment. There is a bookshop / repository and tea rooms open to visitors.

Daily Mass is at 9:00am. Sundays and Holydays at 10:00am.
Vespers is at 5:00pm. Compline at 8:30pm.

St. Mary's Daughter Churches

St. Michael's Church, Bembridge

A daughter church of St. Mary's Parish. The church was built in 1965. The community has taken an active part in the Bembridge Festival Week, CAFOD Bazaar, Women's Day of Prayer and Ecumenical Lenten Discussion groups. The community meets bi-monthly on Fridays with the parish priest to discuss relevant issues.

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